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Fall 2008 E-Newsletter Issue #4

Important Dates

Nov. 5th Advising Day (no day classes)
Nov 11th Veteran's Day (campus closed)
Nov 14th Last day to submit pass/no credit petition to Enrollment Services.
Nov 14th Last day to officially withdraw from fall quarter.

Special Winter Registration Advisors Schedule
Between 11/6 and 11/14, advisors will be available to assist you with winter registration from 9 am to 5 pm.

Winter 2009
Do you know when you can begin to register for winter 2009 using Schedule Planner? Check your registration access time here.

University of California
Application to University of California for fall 2009 is available.

Is it Easier to Transfer to California University from a California Community College?

NO. GRCC students have equal opportunity to transfer into the UC system as those who enroll in CA community colleges. We've heard this from the top! You can be sure!

ISA Talk

.............is the newsletter that your International Student Ambassadors used to put together every month. Realizing it would be a lot easier for you guys, they have decided to move it to a blog, updating it more frequently. Anything you guys need to know is going to be in that along with a bunch of fun stuff. The URL address is grcc-isatalk.blogspot.com. Check it out!

Transfer Workshop

11/13/2008 (Thursday) 12 pm - ZWC-105
For 1st year students who are still confused about how to transfer to university.
Presenter: Alvin Tai
Please note that this workshop will cover the basics of university transfer and will not cover the specifics of university application.

Transfer Tips

Transfer deadlines are fast approaching for many university applications. Be sure to check the websites and be aware of the deadlines for your favorite schools (many are listed below).
The following are the top 25 schools where GRCC international students have had success transferring to and their application deadlines:

  1. Indiana University April 1
  2. University of Washington 1/15
  3. Washington State University 1/31
  4. Seattle University3/16
  5. Purdue University 11/15-3/1 (depending on major)
  6. San Francisco State University 3/2
  7. University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana 3/1
  8. University of Minnesota 3/1(priority)
  9. Washington Western University 4/1
  10. Central Washington University 4/1
  11. California State University 3/1
  12. University of Oregon 5/15
  13. University of Wisconsin 2/1
  14. University of California 11/30
  15. Arizona State University 6/1
  16. University of Southern California 2/2
  17. University of Arizona 4/1
  18. University of Texas- Austin 2/1 (priority)
  19. University of Michigan Jan- Feb depending on major
  20. Ohio State University 6/1
  21. Art Institue of Seattle No Formal Deadline
Please verify the deadlines again on the university website.

Personal Security Tips

• Always think about your safety.
• Try not to walk on your own. Try to walk with a friend or a small group.
• Stay on main routes in areas with good lights. Don’t take ‘short cuts’.
• Walk reasonably quickly and look as if you know where you are going. If the pavement (walkway) is empty, walk on the middle of it.
• Tell someone where you are going and when you think you will return.
• If you think someone is following you, cross the street and walk faster or knock on someone’s door and ask them to call the police.
• Carry an attack alarm. If you are in trouble, use your alarm or shout loudly so that other people know what is happening. You can ask for a free whistle from our campus safety office located in AD building or contact the safety office. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
From a campus telephone, dial extension 2250 or 3350
From a campus pay telephone, press the "Security" button
From an off-campus pay telephone, dial (253) 833-9111 and enter extension 2250 or 3350.
For questions regarding safety issues, please contact: Campus Safety Director at ext. 3350.

Summer Medical Dental Educational Program June 22-July 31
SMDEP is a six week enrichment program for freshman/sophomore undergraduate/community college students who are interested in medicine or dentistry who are from or are interested in serving disadvantaged or underserved groups orregions. The application for SMDEP will be available Nov 1st. For more information go to http://www.myomca.org/, or Click here to apply.
GRCC Events

International Movie Night Nov. 7th at 5:30.
We are going to watch “The Host.” According to New York Times, it was the best movie in 2006. It is a Korean movie and winner of 18 movie awards.
For only $1 you get pizza, popcorn, and drinks, too!

Gator Showcase Night Nov. 21th. At 7:00~ 10:00 pm This is a Talent Show. Participants can do anything like dancing, singing, playing, or comedy. We will give more points if you have any kind of cultural theme. Participating fee is $5. The reason why we charge for the participants is in order to get good prizes. Sign up in the Student Programs Office by Nov 7th.

Check out more events at the GRCC events calendar here!

Community Events

Talk Time
is a Free Weekly Event. Meet with Americans and practice your English! Every Friday from 7-9pm at Family of Grace Lutheran Church. 31317 124th SE, across from the fire station.
Lost and Found Items
Did you lose your favorite baseball cap? Your Starbucks mug? Your lovely jacket? Claim your things in the IP Office. Just ask Jeana!
Info for IESL only

· In class registration will be distributed on Nov 3rd.
· TOEFL scores: Students who took the TOEFL last Saturday, Oct 18th 08’ can pick up their score on grade day, Dec 10th, 08’. Scores will not be distributed before this day so please do not ask.
· To LEVEL 5 students: The Graduation Committee would like to get your pictures and video clips! They do not need to be pictures and videos from activities on campus, we would like to see what you’ve been doing on weekends and after/before class. If you and your friends go shopping, have dinner, or go somewhere fun we would like to see your big smile pictures and video clips. The deadline for submitting your items is Nov 14th, 08’. You can either send pictures or video clips to Emma @ nikeda@greenriver.edu or bring electric copy (SD card, USB, etc.) to IVA 101.

Seeking Volunteer Opportunities? Check out these links!
· Volunteer Match
· Do Something

· USA Freedom Corps.
· Seattle Works
· Earthshare of Washington
· People for Puget Sound
· Volunteer.Org

· Hands on Network
Have you been assigned volunteer work as part of your class? If you are struggling to find a volunteer opportunity please contact to Martha Koch mkoch@greenriver.edu in the Student Life Office. Also, remember to check your Green River email account. Martha will be sending on campus volunteer updates to you there as well!

Campus ResourcesCounseling Services
Math Learning Center
The Writing Center
Tutoring and Resource Center

Contact information
IP Telephone 253-288-3300
Alvin Tai: ttai@greenriver.edu
Jessica Galán: jgalan@greenriver.edu
Sarah Hamilton: shamilton@greenriver.edu

John Tankersley: jtankersley@greeniver.edu

If you have any feedback or comments regarding this newsletter, please email ipadvising@greenriver.edu

Disclaimer: Green River Community College has made reasonable efforts to provide in this schedule information that is accurate at the time of publication. However, the college reserves the right to make appropriate changes in procedures, policies, calendars, requirements, programs, courses, and fees. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the college assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of any such changes. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to create any offer to contract or any contractual rights. Green River Community College does not discriminate against anyone based on race, ethnicity, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religion, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or status as a disabled person or veteran of war, in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Students needing an alternative medium for communicating must contact Disability Support Services in Educational Planning, ext. 2631. Limitation of Liability: The college's total liability for claims arising from a contractual relationship with the student in any way related to classes or programs shall be limited to the tuition and expenses paid by the student to the college for those classes or programs. In no event shall the college be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of earnings or profits.

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