Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall 2011 E-Newsletter Issue #5

Important Dates

Nov 14- Last day to submit pass/non-credit petition to Enrollment Services

Nov 24-25- Thanksgiving Holiday (campus closed)

Dec 5- Study day (no day classes, except IESL, which is having finals)

Dec 6-8- Finals

Dec 8- Last day of instruction

Dec 14- Grades available online

IP Apologizes

Have you been in to see an advisor lately? If so you may have had a long wait time. We wish to apologize for this terrible inconvenience. You may be glad to know that IP is currently hiring two new advisors to meet the growing need. We have been short staffed since the end of summer. Your patience is very much appreciated as we take time to find the right people to better serve your needs. Advisors will not be available in IP on Nov 22nd as we will be interviewing potential new staff on that day.

Have You Registered for Winter Quarter?

Most students have already registered for winter quarter. Many classes (including wait lists) are already full. If you are not already registered for winter quarter, you should register today! We want you to get the classes you need. New students will be coming in soon and the open seats will be taken. If you need help please come into IP and see an advisor.

Tuition for Winter Quarter is Due by January 4, 2012

You may pay as early as you are ready. To avoid the $95 late fee, long lines on the first day of the quarter and any bank transfer delays make your payment prior to the deadline. You can make your payment here using online services.
Take a Safety Rides after Dark

Campus Safety Rides are available from dusk until 11:00 pm on Sunday through Thursday, and dusk until 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday within 1.5 miles of campus. Call 253-797-4868 which will put you in direct contact with the driver of the van that night. Be safe, use Safety Rides!

Traveling during the break?

It's not too early to have your I-20 signed. Come to the IP office early rather than waiting until the last minute if you will be traveling outside the U.S. during the break!

Applying to UW?

The UW transfer application will become available on the UW website beginning late December 2011. The application deadline is still Feb. 15, 2012. It’s best for applicants to wait to send current transcripts until fall quarter grades are posted.
Shopping Tips for "Black Friday"- the biggest shopping day of the year!

On Thanksgiving Day Americans gather with their families to have a feast and remember what they are thankful for. Most businesses are closed for the holiday. However, the day after Thanksgiving, often called "Black Friday", is the biggest bargain shopping day of the year! Many people wake up early to catch the best deals! Check your newspaper for ads from various shopping malls and your favorite department stores. Beware of the huge crowds and be prepared for long lines!

Physics 203

Physics 203 is offered each quarter with one exception. It will no longer be offered during summer quarter. If your degree plan has you scheduled to take this final class of the series during summer quarter you will not be able to do so. Please see your advisor if this affects you.
Housing Available

Are you looking for housing? Do you know what a homeshare is? They are within walking distance to the college, a 3 month contract, and available now! If you would like to know more about a homeshare, come and see someone in housing at the IP office.

Hot Water Now Available in IP!

Come by IP to warm yourself with hot water to drink! You can find hot drinking water available in the front resource room.

Renter's Insurance Recommended

LewerMark Student Insurance Plans is offering an individual personal contents insurance policy for students that can be can purchased for as little as $7.90/month (amount varies) to protect your valuable personal items (jewelry, computer equipment, stereo and TV equipment, cameras and accessories, furniture, sporting goods, books, keepsakes, clothes). Renter's insurance is not required, but is highly recommended for students.
For more information contact: The Lewer Agency, Inc. 816-753-4390

UW Bothel Visits GRCC

Trip to Visit PLU

IESL Announcements

· IESL students will be able to view their winter schedules on-line Friday, December 30, after 2PM.
· IESL finals will be taking place on Monday, Dec. 5 and Tuesday, Dec. 6. Please note: IESL finals will be taking place on Study Day!
· Please be sure to pay any outstanding fines (CCA charges, library fines, parking fines, etc.) as soon as possible.


Student Activities

Campus Safety

* GRCC Safety Alert- Subscribe to GRCC Safety Alert and keep informed of Campus emergencies, safety issues and inclement weather emergency closures. This is a FREE service available to all GRCC students. click here to learn more and to subscribe.

* Send a Red Flag- GRCC has an information reporting system. Please click here to report any suspicious behavior or security threats on campus. In a true emergency please call 911 first to contact the police, the fire department or to get emergency medical help.

* Campus Safety Rides are available from dusk until 11:00 pm on Sunday through Thursday, and dusk until 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday within 1.5 miles of campus. Call 253-797-4868 which will put you in direct contact with the driver of the van that night. Be safe, use Safety Rides!

Campus Resource Links

Contact Information

IP Telephone (253)288-3300

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IP Twitter handle: @GRCC

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