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Spring 2010 E-Newsletter Issue #2

Important Dates

April 12- $35 late fee applies to each course addition
April 16- Last day for 40% refund of tuition only -fees nonrefundable
April 16- Last day to withdraw and not have class(es) posted to permanent transcript
April 20- In-Service day (no day classes)

IP Job Opening for Student Marketing Assistant- Vietnam

Qualified applicants must:
-be available beginning this entire summer 2010
-be a continuing student for Fall 2010-Spring 2011
-have completed at least one quarter and carry a minimum GPA of 3.4
-be fluent in English and Vietnamese -have excellent people skills as well as computer skills
To see additional qualifications and a full job description come to the IP office to pick up and application.

Applications will be accepted now until May 7th, or until the position is filled

Peer Volunteer Applications Available April 14th!
Do you want to help welcome new international students during orientation, have fun, and make new friends? Peer Volunteers do just that! Apply to become a Peer Volunteer at the IP Office. Applications are available at the Front Desk from April 14th.
You must be a current GRCC international student in at least your second quarter. Both IESL and Academic students are welcome to apply. You must be available during both summer and fall quarters and during both orientations. More information about the position and required dates are in the application packet in the IP Office.

Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, April 30.

CCA is going GREEN!

Residents asked and we answered. Campus Corner Apartments’ Resident Council will start a recycling program later this month for any resident that wants to participate and help the environment. Residents will receive a blue bin for co-mingled recycling products (cans, bottles, paper, plastic, glass, etc.) and a list of guidelines for recycling, along with the time and day that their recycling will be picked up. Resident Council Building Representatives will be emptying the bins once a week and residents that receive a bin will be asked to sign a Recycling Agreement, promising to put only recyclable materials in the bin and keep it free from damage.
There will be a Recycling Party at 6 PM on Wednesday, April 21st during GRCC’s Green Week for residents to come to the Community Room and receive their bin, sign the agreement, enjoy some green foods and talk about recycling. CCA and the Resident Council are very excited to go GREEN and make the earth a cleaner place!

Your New Student Appointment "NSA"

If this is your first academic quarter, schedule your NSA with your assigned advisor at the IP office. Your advisor will help you plan your education at GRCC and answer any questions you have. If you fail to complete your appointment by the 8th week of the quarter, you registration account will be blocked. Yikes!

Remember the 12 Credit Rule!

All academic students must register for a min. of 12 credits to be in compliance with the immigration regulations. If you are registered for less than 12 credits and need assistance to pick up more credits see an advisor immediately!

Have you moved? Don't Forget to Update!

If you recently moved, please click here to update your address. The immigration law requires that you update your new address within 10 days of your move.

The Summer and Fall Schedules

Schedules should be available on the Schedule Planner approximately Monday, April 12th.

The 2010-2011 Annual Schedule

The 2010-2011 Annual Schedule has been posted on the Web at:

Preparing to Graduate in June?
· Apply for your diploma now if you are graduating this spring or summer:· See an advisor to get a Degree Audit before you submit your application.
· You can walk in the ceremony in June if you are graduating this spring or summer.
· More info about the ceremony (including when and where it will held and how to get your cap and gown) will be posted on the GRCC website and in a future E-Newsletter.

IP-GRCC would like to add you as a friend on Facebook!
I.p. Grcc | Create Your Badge

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website in United States. Having a Facebook account will help you understand American culture and connect with your friends more easily too!
-If you got our invitation on Facebook, please confirm us as a friend.
-If you do not have a Facebook account yet, we would like to suggest you to make one so that you can get the latest updates from IP.
-If you have not been added by I.P. GRCC as a friend on Facebook, you can find us through the following email: Then add us as your friend.
-Go to the following link to get to our Facebook page:

Tax Season is here! If you work you must file a tax report!

If you have worked in the US you are required to pay taxes. We are not allowed legally to offer you advise about your tax reporting, but we do want you to be aware of your responsibility. UT Austin has put together a very helpful web page for international students regarding taxes. Click here to be connected directly.

Auto Workshop
Learn about how to buy, care for and then sell a car
April 24th 1:00-3:00 in the CCA Community Room
Sign up in Student Programs for this FREE EVENT
Contact Hae-In with any questions

Counseling and Health Workshops

Here are some of free workshops that are designed to empower and facilitate learning:
Eating on a Shoestring Budget – a collaboration with LAW
Resources for Returning Students – a collaboration with Career and Advising
Mental Health Fair – a collaboration with Student Life
Alcohol Screening Day
For more information on times and location check out the following website:

Campus Talk

Meet Americans and practice your English conversation skills.
Drop in from 12:00-2:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the LSC.
Campus Talk is a free, and welcomes your participation.
You can join Campus Talk in the main dining area of the cafeteria, or in the St Helen's room this quarter.

UW Bothell Transfer Fair

UW Bothell is hosting a spring transfer fair again this April! This is a great opportunity to see the campus, meet advisors, learn more about academic programs, and even get started on automatic admission!
For more information on the automatic admission, please visit the website at: You’ll see that there is specific criteria outlined to qualify.
The transfer fair event will be held:
· Thursday, April 29th, 2010
· 11am-2pm
· At the North Creek Events Center on the UW Bothell campus

Seasons Apartment RUMOR BUSTER!!!!!

It is not true that the Campus Corner Apartments are threatening to take legal action against The Seasons Apartments.
It is true that Green River Community College has never changed their answer concerning international students living at Seasons.
The Seasons is a type of property that you must qualify to rent based on income. The Washington State Housing Authority compliance office recently enforced the rule stating you cannot be a full time student to qualify. To be fair there was a misunderstanding about IESL International students on the part of the leasing agents. However, all International students on an F-1 visa, whether they are IESL or Academic, per immigration law must be full time. The only exception to this rule is the rare time when students are on a registered reduced course load. Therefore, International students do not qualify for leasing The Seasons apartments.
Neither GRCC nor CCA forced The Seasons to stop leasing to IP students.
Now you know the rest of the story. If you have any more questions please come to the IP office and speak with someone in the housing department.

Student Activities:
King and Queen of Pranks
Do you have funny home video?
Submit it and you could be crowned as King or Queen of Pranks!!
Submit through YouTube:
Submission deadline: April 23, 2010 at 11:59 PM
Contact Jessica ( for more information.
Crowning ‘Comedic’ Night

April 30, 7 – 9 PM
CCA Community Room
Join us in celebrating the new King or Queen of Pranks!!
FREE for all students
Snacks and refreshments are provided
Contact Jessica (
) for more information.

Hawaii Summer Trip

Dates: August 13-18, 2010
Where: The islands of O'ahu, Honolulu
Place to stay: Castle Ocean Resort
Price: $790/ students and $815 for non-students
Prices INCLUDE: 6 days 5 nights hotel with kitchenettes and great view, round-trip Alaska Air and miscellaneous transportation.
Deadline for sign up April 9th 20010.
Contact Jamie Choe,

Seattle Mariners vs LA Angels Baseball Game
Date: Friday May 7 2010, 4:30pm meet at the bus circle
Place: Safeco Field
Prices: $30/$45, including ticket and transportation.
Seating: Field View
Sign up sheet is available
Contact Anh Ly,

Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy soccer
Date: Saturday May 8 2010, 8:30am meet at the bus circle
Place: Qwest Field
Prices: $20/$30, including ticket and transportation. Will join the "March to the Match".
Sign up starts April 8
Contact Anh Ly,

Seattle Times Tour - Bothell
May 20, 1:45 PM meet at the Bus Circle
Sign up today at Student Life Office, LSC 2nd Floor
$5 for GRCC students, $10 for non-students
Follow a newspaper from start to finish ... and get your copy hot off the press. See how robots move giant paper rolls, how the press is "prepped" for printing and much more.
Contact Jessica ( for more information.

KOOZA Cirque Du Soleil show

Date: Saturday June 5 2010, 1:30pm meet at the bus circle
Place: King County's Marymoor Park
Prices: $35/$50
Sign up sheet will be out the week of April 20
Contact Anh Ly,

Twilight Tour
Details To Be Announced
Contact Jessica Hendrawidjaja,

Campus Safety

* GRCC Safety Alert- Subscribe to GRCC Safety Alert and keep informed of Campus emergencies, safety issues and inclement weather emergency closures. This is a FREE service available to all GRCC students. Click here to learn more and to subscribe.

* Send a Red Flag- GRCC has an information reporting system. Please click here to report any suspicious behavior or security threats on campus. In a true emergency please call 911 first to contact the police, the fire department or to get emergency medical help.

* Campus Safety Rides are available from dusk (currently around 5:00 pm) until 11:00 pm on Sunday through Thursday, and dusk until 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday within 1.5 miles of campus. Call 253-797-4868 which will put you in direct contact with the driver of the van that night. Be safe, use Safety Rides!

Campus Resource Links

Contact Information
IP Telephone 253-288-3300
Jessica Galán:
John Tankersley:
Kirsten Weber:

If you have any feedback or comments regarding this newsletter, please email

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