Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring 2011 E-Newsletter Issue #6

Important Dates  
June 8-Study Day (no academic day classes, IESL students will
have classes. June 9 ,10 and 13-Finals
June 10-Commencement
June 13-Last day of instruction
June 17- Grades available online
June 20- Summer Quarter classes begin

How about IP Office Hours during the Break and Summer Quarter?  
Yes, the IP Office will be open during the break, but there will be no walk-in advising available on Thursday or Friday, June 16th and 17th (due to new student orientation).
During the first few days of summer quarter we will have extended hours. walk-in advising will be available Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Check List for Summer Break

-If you are planning to take a vacation quarter this summer you must let your advisor know.
-During a vacation quarter you may stay in the U.S., or travel. You are not required to take any classes, however, you may take less than 12 credits if you like.
-Get that I--20 signature two weeks before leaving the country, if you plan to return to GRCC. Don't forget and don't wait until the last minute!

-You must carry health insurance while in the U.S. during a vacation quarter and during OPT
-Health Insurance must be paid at the IP office by check made out to The Lewer Agency. Include your full name and the last five numbers of your student ID on the memo line of your check.


See an advisor in the IP Office to get your I-20 transferred properly. You will need a letter of
acceptance from the new school and some additional paperwork.

Address Change?

Update your address within 10 days of any move! Updating your address can be done with online services here or for rapid service, come to IP and fill out the address change form. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your I-20 will not be signed for travel if your address is out of date.

Writing Center will be Closed during Summer Quarter

Due to budget cuts the Writing Center at GRCC will be closed during summer quarter. The Writing Center will reopen in fall quarter.

Tips for Transferring in 2012
1) Choose at least five schools to apply to.
2) Look at those school websites to familiarize yourself with the application deadlines and application requirements for transfer and international students.
3) Begin drafting your personal statement essays based on questions from the application.

4) Register here for TOEFL now. The local tests dates become flooded in the fall and students who wait may need to travel far (often out of State) to take this required exam.
5) Begin collecting copies of your official high school transcript, your immunization records, bank statements, etc. If you are going home you can do this yourself rather than bothering your parents at the last minute!

Your Transfer Angel

Are you going to apply for university this coming fall or winter? Have you done your research? Are you overwhelmed by all the information you need for transferring? ANGEL is here to help!Your advisors have created a website in ANGEL where you can have direct access to the transfer information of your need. ANGEL is an on line system which all GRCC students have the access to. To log on, go to http://greenriver.angellearning.com/ Your log on user name is your GRCC e-mail user name and your password is your student ID number. After you have logged on, click on "IP Advising" under "Community Group".
ANGEL will save half of your time on your university research! For detail instruction to log on http://www.greenriver.edu/elearning/newpages/angel.htm

GRCC Tuition Increase

Yes, you got it... The sad news is: tuition prices are going up. The good news is: it's not until this fall. For most students the increase will be about $200 more per quarter. Your current fall invoice does not yet show this increase. Check for your tuition adjustment in August.

IESL Announcements

· IESL finals will take place on Tuesday, June 7th, and Wednesday, June 8th. That’s right--IESL students must be here on Study Day. Teachers will provide times and locations for finals.
· Grade Day is Thursday, June 9th. IESL students may pick up their grades in the Main Dining Area, beginning at 2:30PM. TOEFL results will be available in IVA 101, after you’ve picked up your grades.
· IESL Graduation is on Friday, June 10th at 1PM in the Glacier Room. Come celebrate with the graduates!
· View your summer schedule on-line Saturday, June 18th, after 2PM.
· The first day of summer quarter is Monday, June 20th.


Campus Safety
* GRCC Safety Alert- Subscribe to GRCC Safety Alert and keep informed of Campus emergencies, safety issues and inclement weather emergency closures. This is a FREE service available to all GRCC students. Click here to learn more and to subscribe.
* Send a Red Flag- GRCC has an information reporting system. Please click here to report any suspicious behavior or security threats on campus. In a true emergency please call 911 first to contact the police, the fire department or to get emergency medical help
* Campus Safety Rides are available from dusk until 11:00 pm on Sunday through Thursday, and dusk until 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday. Call 253-797-4868 which will put you in direct contact with the van that night. Be safe, use Safety Rides!

Campus Resource Links IP Advising on ANGEL

Contact Information
IP Telephone (253)288-3300
Alvin Tai: ttai@greenriver.edu
John Tankersley: jtankersley@greenriver.edu
Kirsten Weber: kweber@greenriver.edu
IP Twitter handle: @GRCC

If you have any feedback or comments regarding this newsletter, please email ipadvising@greenriver.edu Disclaimer: Green River Community College has made reasonable efforts to provide in this schedule information that is accurate at the time of publication. However, the college reserves the right to make appropriate changes in procedures, policies, calendars, requirements, programs, courses, and fees. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the college assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of any such changes. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to create any offer to contract or any contractual rights. Green River Community College does not discriminate against anyone based on race, ethnicity, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religion, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or status as a disabled person or veteran of war, in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Students needing an alternative medium for communicating must contact Disability Support Services in Educational Planning, ext. 2631. Limitation of Liability: The college's total liability for claims arising from a contractual relationship with the student in any way related to classes or programs shall be limited to the tuition and expenses paid by the student to the college for those classes or programs. In no event shall the college be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of earnings or profits.

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